Love One Another Capital Campaign 2021


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  What is the Love One Another Campaign?

The Love One Another Campaign is to prepare for the next generation of Catholics in our 10 counties of southeastern Wisconsin. Its goal is to raise pledges totaling $150 million for needs in our parishes, helping the poor, and providing new and strengthened Catholic ministries across the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.

  Which parishes are participating in the Love One Another Campaign and how will they participate?

All 188 parishes are taking part in four parish “waves” from summer 2021 to mid-2023. Parishes will conduct their own Love One Another Campaign efforts, supported by a campaign team.


  Why is now the right time for the Love One Another Campaign?

Love One Another was paused during the pandemic to focus on the needs of our parish communities. The needs addressed by Love One Another continue, and we are now able to return our focus to the campaign.


  How will Love one Another strengthen parishes?

Sixty percent (60%) of the funds raised, $90 million of the overall campaign goal, will fund local parish needs identified by pastors, parish directors, and parish leadership.


  How are parish goals set?

Parish goals are 140 percent of parish offertory for the 2019 fiscal year. The goals are not assessments.


  How will campaign funds be allocated?

Sixty percent (60%) of pledges made and fulfilled by families in a parish will be used for the parish's stated needs. The remaining funds will be distributed based on the percentages allocated to each Catholic ministry in the campaign case statement.


  Who will be asked to participate?

Every individual and family in the Archdiocese will be asked to prayerfully consider making their best campaign pledge.


  How will campaign funds be administered

A trust has been established for the sole purpose of receiving and disbursing funds raised through the Love One Another campaign for the uses and purposes set forth in the campaign and no other purposes.


  Besides pledging, in what ways can people help the campaign?

All are asked to pray for the success of the Love One Another Campaign and for the parishes and ministries it serves. Also, every parish needs volunteers to help carry out the campaign. Please contact your parish office to volunteer.

  Why emphasize pledges?

Pledging is a way to allow individuals and families to fulfill their generosity over time and eliminate what might be a burden to give all at once.


  Why does my pledge request letter ask for a specific amount?

A pledge amount is suggested to help your parish reach its goal. Prayerful consideration should be given to making a pledge in proportion to one's blessings. Every pledge is important and appreciated.


   Why are donors asked to complete and sign pledge cards; are they legally binding?

A pledge to the Love One Another Campaign is a promise to do one’s best to give as stated on the pledge card. A signed pledge card is not legally binding and should a donor’s finances change a pledge can be adjusted accordingly.

  How are pledge payments made?

Donors may choose to fulfill their campaign pledge with monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual payments by check, credit card, automatic bank withdrawal, or qualified IRA distributions (age 70.5 or above). The Archdiocese will process each gift and provide gift acknowledgments and tax letters.


  Are gifts to the campaign tax-deductible?

Gifts to the Love One Another Campaign are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Please consult your tax advisor regarding your specific situation.


  Are gifts of stock or other non-cash gifts accepted?

Yes. The Love One Another Campaign accepts gifts of stock, and some non-cash gifts. Please contact Bob Pfundstein at 414-769-3583 or for more information.


  Is the Catholic Stewardship Appeal taking place during the campaign?

Yes, the Catholic Stewardship Appeal will continue to be conducted annually. The Catholic Stewardship Appeal provides for the operational needs of the Archdiocesan Church on a year-to-year basis. The Love One Another Campaign is to meet extraordinary current and future needs of the greater southeastern Wisconsin Catholic community.


  What became of the proceeds from the Faith In Our Future campaign?

$83 million was collected from pledges. $46 million addressed individual parish needs. $11 million was disbursed in grants in support of the Faith In Our Future Trust initiatives. The remainder is in a designated Trust specially created for long term use. Full details can be found on the Trust website

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