Menomonee Falls, St. Anthony
Love One Another Capital Campaign 2021

St. Anthony, Menomonee Falls

Our Parish Roots:

St. Anthony Church stands at the top of a high hill that was once used by the Menomonee and Chippewa Indians for gatherings to decide the division of tribal hunting grounds. Later, immigrant farmers tilled the fields around the hill, their days broken by the tolling church bell calling them to pray. It is appropriate that a place chosen to settle disputes between the Indians should become the site for a house of God. Here, generations of men and women have tried to reconcile their human needs and yearnings with their spiritual destiny.

The people of St. Anthony have continued the customs of coming together, of peace-making that began on that hill so long ago. At a certain time of the day, in a certain time of the year, the setting sun catches the top of St. Anthony’s steeple and turns its grey-singled roof into a shining, silver sword. This old, old community of Catholic people has been like the church tower. It is alive with light. And it endures.

- From The Church on the Hill by Joanne Charlton @1987


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Through much prayer, planning, and conversation, we have identified our greatest needs and initiatives to strengthen our mission and vision for years to come. Our share of the funds raised will be used to modernize our parish heating system, complete the stained glass project in the sanctuary, update our rectory bathrooms, and grow our parish financial health.


Parish Goal


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July 2022 - December 2022

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• Heating: We need to modernize our parish heating system by replacing the boilers in our Christian Formation Center, the rectory, and Parish office. Replacing the boilers will provide necessary protection from the natural elements and provide a comfortable Parish experience for parishioners, priests, staff, and visitors alike. This necessary upgrade will also increase energy efficiency and save the parish on maintenance and utility costs in the short-and-long-term.

• Stained Glass: Our parish needs to complete the stained glass window project that was originally included in the renovation but put on hold due to lack of funds. Currently, a scrim covers several of those windows. This installation will enhance our worship space and provide a place that further inspires and gives Glory to God.

• Rectory Bathrooms: Our rectory bathrooms are in disrepair. Updating these bathrooms will ensure that we present and maintain the most safe and sanitary conditions for residents and guests.

  LOAN REPAYMENT - $478,419

We will enhance St. Anthony’s financial health with supplemental payments towards the remainder of our $3,000,000 loan to renovate and quadruple our Parish size in the early 2000s. Supplementing our payments will allow our Parish to maintain a stronger financial position and enable us to focus our resources on other ministries and new evangelical efforts to best serve the Parish community.

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