Love One Another Capital Campaign 2021

St. Thomas Aquinas, Waterford

Our Parish Roots

It was during the month of June 1846, that Mass was celebrated for the first time in Waterford. Fr. Kendler celebrated this Mass in a newly erected cooper shop. From that time on, the holy sacrifice of the Mass was offered up on weekdays every two or three months, generally in some dwelling or other village building.

Since the mid-1800’s, St. Thomas Aquinas has preserved their history by updating the church, school, and rectory on the parcel of land purchased in 1849. St. Thomas Aquinas also has been blessed with a plethora of pastors that have provided unique contributions to maintain, as well as enhance the traditions of this parish. Today a new church stands as a living testimony to the tradition established centuries ago.


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Through much prayer, planning and conversation, we have identified our greatest needs and initiatives to strengthen our mission and vision for years to come. Our share of the funds raised will be used to address safety issure with the original church, construct a prayer garden and memorial steeple and move the food pantry.

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July 2022 - December 2022

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The current home for the food pantry is in the original church. Due to structural and safety concerns in the original church, the food pantry will be moved to a new location on the campus. Additionally, we would like to install a lift. This will allow for easier wheelchair access to the dining hall and kitchen areas, as well as provide access to additional storage spaces for the food pantry.


We have been blessed with both a beautiful new church and a rich history in our original church that helps us connect to God and one another through the sacred celebrations carried out within it. For us to continue to be faithful stewards of God’s gifts, we will utilize the money to address the structural and safety concerns of the original church. The original church has deteriorated to a point where parish leaders made the recommendation to raze the building. Our recommendation will follow the Archdiocese’s approval process and funds collected will potentially help salvage components of the building to create a memorial prayer garden.



To honor the rich Catholic tradition of St. Thomas, we would like to construct a prayer garden and steeple memorial on the site of the original church using salvaged components of the original church and steeple.

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