Love One Another Capital Campaign 2021

St. Alphonsus, New Munster

Our Parish Roots:

The first Catholic settlers in western Kenosha County in the 1840s were immigrants from Germany. They named their hamlet New Munster as an homage to their native German town of Munster. From 1847 to 1851, these Catholic settlers attended Mass in the Burlington area; priests from nearby localities would often say Mass for Catholics in private homes.

The church and parsonage were completed in 1851 for a total cost of $5,000 and were dedicated on October 14, 1851, by Bishop Martin Henni of Milwaukee. They were placed under the patronage of St. Alphonsus Maria de Liguori, and St. Alphonsus now serves as a place of worship for more than 420 families seeking to serve the community through prayer, service, and generosity.


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Through much prayer, planning, and conversation, we have identified our greatest needs and initiatives to strengthen our mission and vision for years to come. Our share of the funds raised will be used to build a new roof and replace the old hvac.

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Our church is 170 years old, and its roof needs replacement. Modernizing our roof will provide necessary protection from the elements for parishioners, priests, staff, and visitors alike. Making the necessary repairs will allow us to continue to be a vibrant beacon of God’s Word and for us to feel safe and comfortable in our place of worship. Thanks to the generosity of many parishioners in previous years, we have already raised some of the funds for this project.


The HVAC control system at the St. Alphonsus school building is in need of replacement. Our 20-year-old software system that manages the cooling and heating is an outdated version. Not only would the repairs from a breakdown be expensive in the future, but energy management and efficiency is not currently optimized to modern standards, leading to larger yearly costs on the parish. Additionally, contracted maintenance and support work is very costly due to the age of the system. An upgrade now will reduce the risk of unexpected failure, increase energy efficiency, and save the parish on maintenance and upkeep for the next 20+ years, thus saving utility costs in the short-and long-term. This will allow us to continue to grow our mission and ministry without

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