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Love One Another Capital Campaign 2021

St. Luke, Brookfield

Our Parish Roots:

Our St. Luke Parish is alive and active, although much has changed since it’s founding in 1956 by Fr. James Meehan.

Weekly, in Sunday Eucharist, blessed with our gifted Music Ministry and other faithful liturgical ministers, we feed and nourish one another in Christ in our vibrant celebrations as the Body of Christ. Formed in Christian Faith at all ages of development we reach out in service. Our ever increasing generosity helps make Christ’s Gospel Kingdom ‘where all are welcome’ ever more visible. The workings of the Spirit within and beyond a Household of Faith cannot be captured in words. All we can do is be grateful!

In a letter to parish members regarding the first parish financial drive, Fr. Meehan wrote, “This campaign will be a measuring stick for St. Luke - to determine whether we will be remembered for what we have sacrificed and accomplished, or for opportunities missed.”

Some 65 years later, we seek to maintain what others built, and do our part to build Christ’s Kingdom through our evangelization in the Spirit.
In the words of our second pastor, Fr. Harvey Brahm, “We would like to thank all who have been instrumental in our community development and success…We hope and pray that the Lord will continue to shower blessings upon our St. Luke Family!”


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Through much prayer, planning, and conversation, we have identified our greatest needs and initiatives to strengthen our mission and vision for years to come. Our share of the funds raised will be used for maintenance and structural improvements, evangelization efforts, community outreach and social justice and responsibility including our sister parish.

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The Church and Carpenter Hall were both built in 1958, with maintenance and repairs done on an as-needed basis for the past 60 years. To support this mission now, and in the coming years, a safe parish with sturdy infrastructure is crucial. Therefore, the majority of funds raised will be used to resurface the upper parking lot, repair the rectory and office windows, balcony roofs, upgrade HVAC, lighting, and electrical capabilities, property entrance signage and make safety and security upgrades to the buildings and campus. These changes will bolster our campus from within, and help it last into the future, as well as save costs on future repairs.


True to the Gospel Mission of Christ we seek to increase our visible presence in the community and encourage the attitude, belief, and practice that “All are Welcome.” This would be done certainly by the witness of our St. Luke Members and Direct Mail, but also by upgrading our Social Media footprint.


Efforts have been made to minister to parish members who are homebound, or in assisted living, but limited parish staff restricts the effectiveness of this Ministry of Connection and Support. Funding for these ministries is essential with the hope that increased financial stewardship would continue to fund these ministries, especially in the hope of attracting younger families/ households.


As with other ministries, COVID-19 has had a detrimental effect on deepening our relationship with our sister parish, St. Pius X, Gbagalape, Nigeria and our relationship. Beyond monetary assistance to St. Pius X, the hope is to develop a more shared experience of life where we learn from one another and share and deepen Faith. These funds will help support a Mission Trip as a means of immersion in both the Nigerian and American cultures and will help us to fulfill our duty to serve those in need.

Love One Another

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