St. Eugene, Fox Point
Love One Another Capital Campaign 2021

St. Eugene, Fox Point

Our Parish Roots:


Born from the foresight of one priest and nurtured by continued leadership, the Spirit of St. Eugene is flourishing.

The seven acres of land occupied by the parish were purchased by Fr. Peter Dietz, then pastor of St. Monica Parish, in the late 1920s. Fr. Dietz understood that the Catholic population in the region would outgrow its boundaries and saw that another parish would need to be established.
In July 1957, Fr. William H. Mackin built a new parish called St. Eugene; it was named after Pope St. Eugene I, the baptismal patron of Pope Pius XII (Eugenio Pacelli).

Currently, Very Reverend Mark Payne leads St. Eugene and its spirit and practice of stewardship. As our parish continues to flourish, our community will continue its tradition of forming disciples and sharing our gifts of time, talent, and treasure to ensure St. Eugene is a home to all Catholics in Fox Point and surrounding regions.


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 Through much prayer, planning, and conversation, we have identified our greatest needs and initiatives to strengthen our mission and vision for years to come. Our share of the funds raised will be used towards sanctuary renovations, safety and security, ventilation, and continued maintenance.

Initial Parish Goal


Parish Challenge Goal


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Our heat exchangers on the gym roof, the church roof, and in Mackin are old and need to be replaced. New heat exchangers will improve ventilation in our Parish buildings, reduce the risk of mold and mildew, and increase energy efficiency. We also need to upgrade the air conditioning system in our school. Modernizing our heating and cooling systems will ensure all who use our facilities a more comfortable experience and reduce utility and maintenance costs for our parish for 10+ years.


We need to upgrade our sanctuary space for our short-and-long-term needs. Planned renovations include but are not limited to a new back altar, main altar, ambo, furniture, and flooring. We will work with a liturgical consultant and share the planning process for our renovations through town hall meetings. We will use an additional $230,000 raised from our 2017 capital campaign to further beautify our worship space and provide a place that inspires and gives Glory to God.


St. Eugene Parish needs to maintain specific standards to ensure safety in our place of worship. We need to upgrade our fire alarm system. This includes, but is not limited to, replacing strobes, alarms, and lighting system. Our plan also includes installing an electronic key fob system across our campus. Our web-based security system will also include additional cameras to cover all areas in the school office, narthex, and the parking lots.


We will enhance St. Eugene’s financial health by establishing a building fund to continue to bring our parish facility and maintenance needs up to date. Needs include but are not limited to replacing worn carpeting in school classrooms and repainting areas of our campus. Establishing this reserve will allow our mission and ministry to grow in line with our priorities and our assets.

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